I Always Want to Solve My Problem by Myself

Okay, in this post I want to share about problem solving. I have a habit that I will try so solve any problem that I experienced. Whatever the problem, from the simple problem to the difficult problem. The last problem I have that is laptop problem. 

So the screen of my laptop suddenly make unusual behavior. When I turn the laptop on, the screen not give any display, even though the laptop was booting normally. Absolutely this problem disturbed my work, because most of my work is done by using laptop ( I mean the work that need laptop as the equipment).

Even though I have a skill to repair computer and laptop problem, but I have less experience in fixing the display problem. So I started searching for the guidance how to fixed the display problem in my laptop.

Before I got the exact what was the problem, I did some procedure to fix the problem as the experience I have. I started from detach the RAM. Once I worked, the display become normal, but after some time in the middle of activity, the display suddenly off again. I also tried to press the manual on/off button of the screen (in my laptop is in F6 key), but it was also worked for temporary time.   

After read and watch some information about the problem that I experienced, I started to do something else, even though the ending was failed and I decided to purchased replacement display..ha ha.

So here is the story.
I followed one video in youtube about the same problem on same screen, I mean exactly same screen manufacturer and same code. So after more than 5 times I watched the video, I started to followed step by step to repair the screen. 

So the problem was the short circuit connection in the capacitor that provide power to the LED. As per the video that I followed, I did checking the capacitor and fuse by using AVO meter (multimeter), then as per my analysis I decide to remove the fuse, and 2 capacitor that available there. It takes too much time for me to remove all these 3 fellow ha ha. 

After that, I did checking again to the capacitor. I also did bypass (jumper connection) to the fuse. So I replaced the fuse with 1 piece small cable. Then I placed again 1 capacitor which was normal (according to me). Then I tried to switch the screen on. I was excited because it worked. 

The bad new is, it worked for 1 night only. In the next day I removed the capacitor again and replaced it with the other one. Then the disaster becomes worst.

After I succeed replacing the capacitor then turned the screen on.......booommm....the fire and smoke comes from the my laptop screen. It was really-really took my time. The game was over. I decided to purchased replacement screen. 

So the message is we must try to fix our problem by our self first before we ask any help from others. If we success to fix it, it is good experience. As well as if we fail to fix it, also it is good experience. The experience is the best teacher. 

The video below is about what I did to my laptop screen. See you in the next post.