Tuesday, January 31

Learn Balinese Dance In Yogyakarta

Every body know Bali and the traditions. Dance is one of all balinese traditions. There is many kind of Balinese dance. Some of them is Kebyar Duduk Dance, Nelayan Dance, Margapati Dance, Belibis Dance and others. All of them is beautiful dance.

If you live in Yogyakarta and want to learn Balinese dance, you do not have to go to Bali, but you can learn it in Yogyakarta too. As I know there is only two Balinese dance course in Yogyakarta that is Siwa Nata Raja studio and Saraswati studio. Both of them manage by different people. Siwa Nata Raja studio manage by Mrs. Ni Ketut Suriastini, but I don’t know about Saraswati studio.

I am one of disciple at Siwa Nata Raja Studio. I am interesting learn Balinese dance becouse I am Balinese and my sister is one of trainer here. She help Mrs. Ketut Suriastini to teach the disciple.

Dear Reader,

If you want to learn Balinese dance in Jogja, you can learn it at Siwa Nata Raja or Saraswati Studio. But I suggest you to learn it at Siwa Nata Raja Studio. mmm…about the address, you can find it at google.

sanggar Siwa Nata Raja Studio


Monday, January 30

Why jogjaspirit?

Yogyakarta Palace, the spirit of Jogja

Dear reader,
I try to write a new blog with the title jogjaspirit. Why jogjaspirit? Becouse I hope with jogja spirit I have new spirit every day to write a new article, to enjoy my life and other. I hope everything I write here useful for you.

Dear reader,
Make yourself comfortable read my article and I have you can leave a some comment here and don’t be afraid to correct me or criticize me. So…..take your time and feel happy.