Friday, September 21

The Launching of GenWI Chapter India

Well as I said in the last post, I will continue share about my Delhi day. So here is my day 2 in New Delhi. In this day my activity was full only inside the Hilton Garden Inn hotel only. Because on that day, I mean on 30th June, the launching of GenWI Chapter India held in this hotel. 

Monday, September 17

My First Day in New Delhi

Oh God...I still unable to remove my laziness from my daily life. Because of this laziness I unable to write blog post continuously.

Well, by the way I in this post I want to share again about my Delhi Day. As I said in the last post, on 28 June 2018 was my first time in New Delhi. Exactly in the evening we reached the Hilton Garden Inn hotel, there was no activity on that day. The real activity was started on 29th.