Menampilkan postingan dari Juli, 2018

The Travel to Delhi for Genwi

On 28 June to 2 July I was in New Delhi. Thanks God my dream to visit New Delhi already fulfilled. Actually it was not me alone, but I was with my friends, Herminesti and Adhihayu Arcci Maharddhika.

International Day of Yoga in Koppa

Well I will continue to talk about International Day of Yoga in this post. As I said in the last post about the Jaata of yoga, in this post I want to talk about the day of Yoga Day, that is 21st June.

Long March for Promoting Yoga

Gambar this post I want to talk about yoga. I am sure 100 % all of you know about yoga. As we know yoga have been spread all over the world. I can say that now all country celebrate International Day of Yoga since its inception in 2015. June 21st was declared as International Day of Yoga.