The Travel to Delhi for Genwi

On 28 June to 2 July I was in New Delhi. Thanks God my dream to visit New Delhi already fulfilled. Actually it was not me alone, but I was with my friends, Herminesti and Adhihayu Arcci Maharddhika.

We went to Delhi to participate in the formation of GenWI (It is in Bahasa Indonesia words). The complete name is Generasi Wonderful Indonesia.

Genwi is an organization that works under the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism that have a duty to promotes Indonesia as the tourism destination.

Okay, that is in short about genwi, what I want to share here is my traveling experience from my lovely town Koppa to New Delhi.

The travelling started from Koppa at night on 27 June, absolutely by the permission from our college principal. From Koppa we went to Bangalore by Sugama bus. Sugama is a night travel bus with sleeper facility. We usually use this bus for travelling from Koppa to Bangalore.

Why we went to Bangalore? Because had flight from Bangalore to Delhi. Actually the closed airport is in Mangalore, but because of some condition we took flight via Bangalore. The travelling from Koppa to Bangalore took about 8 to 9 hours. It was night travelling so we did not feel any tiredness because we can slept in the bus, as I said we took sleeper seat, mean we purchased a bed.

How much? It was about Rs.550 only per seat. Actually the rate of the seat sometimes change. May be depends on the season and from where the ticket booked. One or twice I booked the ticket for Rs. 600 and Rs. 650. Once I booked the ticket through online, I got for Rs. 520 only.

For long distance travelling the sleeper type of seat is the best choice. The condition may be different if we travelling in day time and took normal seat. Just imagine that we had to sit for 8 hours. So...again sleeper seat is the best choice.

We reached Bangalore on 28 June in the morning about at 6 am. Our flight was on 12.30 pm, so we had enough time to take a rest in Bangalore before we went to the airport. We took breakfast breakfast in one restaurant in Gandhinagar. If I not wrong the restaurant name is Shrushti Restaurant. Talk about the restaurant, its quite clean and hygienic.

After breakfast we got ready to go to the airport. We went to airport by using Uber. You know what is Uber right?...yes it is online taxy. As I know there is 2 big online taxy that operate in Bangalore, Uber and Ola. Uber is from America, but Ola is local Indian company. In big city like Bangalore I like to travelling in the city by using these online taxy, particularly for myself I like to use Ola rather than Uber.

Okay...after 1 hour journey we reached in Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore. We reached here about 10:30 am. Directly we went to check in counter and drop our luggage. Our flight was by Indigo. That was my first time flew with Indigo.

Due to weather condition (may be) our flight was delayed. Luckily it was only for 20 minutes.

Well...that was about my day from Koppa to Bangalore. In the next post, I"ll share about my day in New Delhi. See ya.