DIY Bluetooth Headset

Do you have unused headset but still working normally? If yes, why don't you convert it into bluetooth headset like mine?

So..that is what I want to talk now in this blog post, BLUETOOTH HEADSET.

To make your DIY bluetooth headset the item you need are:
  1. Headset (in normal condition)
  2. Bluetooth audio adapter
  3. Soldering iron
  4. Soldering led
  5. Tape
  6. Scissor
  7. Fire

Make sure the headset and the bluetooth adapter is working normally. The soldering iron and soldering led is needed for connecting the wire because if you connect the wire without soldering led there will be produced unstable sound. Noise may also come because of unfix wire connection. So the soldering led and iron is for fixing the wire connection.

Fire is needed to burn the plastic layer which is covering the wire inside the cable. If you not burn this layer you will unable to do solder to the wire and the sound also will not produced.

As you know scissor is useful for cutting, as well as the use here for cut anything to be cut, especially cable and wire...also the tape.

Tape is used to organize the and recover the wire after soldered. Actually you can use unused plastic bag also if you don't have tape. It is as your wish right. The main point that is you have DIY bluetooth headset.

Well...for the detail how to make it, just watch this video: