DIY: Portable Study Table

Study is the duty of all students. make the study activity become more comfort and interesting, we must have enough supporting facility such as table, chair, pen, pencil, etc.
Well...regarding the study supporting facility, in this post I want to share to you about how to make portable study table by using PVC pipe.

Actually most of my friend here they have a plain board for study purpose. So for them this board is enough used as table. During study they will sit on the bed and place the board above their thigh. I also follow this method, but after some time I got bored, then I got an idea to convert the board that I have into a table, that is portable table.

Now I already have one portable table for study. I will show you how I made this table. Okay, let start.

The materials needed are:
  1. plain board 1 piece
  2. pvc pipe 1 piece (3/4" size)
  3. L connector 4 pieces
  4. T connector 6 pieces
  5. double tape (optional)

The tool needed for cutting the pvc pipe is iron saw.

Now here are the steps I followed when I made my table.
  1. First - I measured the length and the wide of the board. My board length was 67 cm and wide was 48 cm. 
  2. Second - I made the sketch of the table, just to make sure how many I need to cut the pipe. Because I was cut the pipe directly in the store. 
  3. Third - Then I went to building store to purchase the pvc pipe and connectors. If you already have the pipe in your home that it is good, right. As I said before I cut the pipe in the store only because it was easy for me to brought it back to my hostel. 
  4. Fourth - I cut the pvc in some size, that was 2 pieces 60 cm length, 8 pieces 20 cm length. That's all. 
  5. Fifth - I checked my table frame in the store to make sure all is complete. Paid the bill then went back to hostel.
  6. Sixth - After I was in hostel I just rearrange the pipe as the table frame, then put the board above it. Then the table is ready.
Well...that is my way to make my study more comfortable. If you interesting I think you can make the better one than mine. Expand your creativity.