Cheap and Smooth Landing Flight with Srilankan Airlines

Experience something new is what I like. I like to travel also. For travelling I think everyone like to spend less money but get more benefit, right? Please correct me if I was wrong. May be not everyone. People which has a lot of money may be have no problem with spending much money :-). But it is problem for me, because I don't have much money.

Well... on November 30th 2017 I had good experience of flight with Srilankan Airlines. That was my first travelling with Srilankan airlines. My travelling was from Jakarta to Bangalore. Because of my holiday already over, then that was the time to back to India.

I ordered the flight ticket via First time I knew about this airlines from and I tried to ordered it, but because of very slow loading of during the booking process made me leave the site. Then I tried to book it through Srilankan airlines official website but again slow loading. The last my effort was jump to the and luckily I able to booked it even it took about 1 hour time.

Due to very slow loading website I thought this airlines was an unbelievable airlines and also during check-in in Soekarno Hatta Airport it was very weird because the staff look like confuse regarding my visa when I show him (male)  my extension visa. Luckily the senior staff help him then he did understand. Then my check-in finished and ready to go to waiting room. As usual, delay is the common case in the flight schedule, my flight was delay for about 30 minutes. 

My though about this airlines change when I entered the aircraft. The cabin crew very welcome to us and friendly. As common cabin crew, they will ask about seat number and will show us the place of the seat place. As per my experience travelling with big aircraft (Airbus), the services of this airlines is similar to Thai Airlines.

Why I said similar, because there is small different (according to me) that is hot towel service. In Thai Airlines you will get hot towel after you sit in your seat to make you relax before flight, but in Srilankan airlines there is no hot towel for passangers in economy class.  Other than hot towel everything is same like headset, pillow, blanket, food, drink, etc.

Smooth Landing
After about 4 hour flight with sunny view then the most thing what I want that is LANDING. About 6 o'clock in the evening the aircraft did landing very-very smooth. I did not experience any shocks during landing. In some aircraft when in landing position there will be shocks when the aircraft touch the ground, but as I said I did not experience such thing in this flight. So I was happy with that.

That is about the landing in Colombo International Airport, Srilanka. My travelling have to transit here. The transit takes time about 1 hour. There is big queue in transit gate, but luckily did not takes too much time. The bus which took us to the aircraft already waiting for us.

Then after about 30 minutes my flight depart to Bangalore. It was about 1 hour flight. Because of it was short flight, the cabin crew did not serve as meal. It was only bread and fruit juice. After I hour the aircraft again did smooth landing in Bangalore International Airport. 

Well that is my experience about the travelling with Srilankan airlines. Nice services, friendly cabin crew, and smooth take off and landing. Hope will experience the same thing in the next flight.